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The most revolutionary cosmetic technology applied to cellulite for results like never before! You will notice disappearance of the dimpled appearance of skin caused by fat deposits. Bodyfit, Simite, Caffeine and Garcinia extract found in this product relieves stress of the skin, which creates elasticity and healthy skin. Patented ingredients reduce the visibility of cellulite temporarily. You will experience following results while using this product: Fat Burning: Visibly eliminates cellulite (Uneven fat deposits) temporarily Elasticity: Improvement of skin complexion and smoothness. Massage: You will hear cracking sound as it works through your skin and penetrate into your skin for maximum results. Calms swollen skin and promotes blood circulation. Cooling for sensitive skin type. Heating for maximum result.Made in Korea.

Recommended areas: Belly, Thigh, Upper arm, Calf Paraben Free

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