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Super Anti-CELLULITE It looks like a mousse, but the perception on the skin is an expression of all the revolutionary potential of this product. When it is applied Super "Cellulite Body Slimming Care" is fresh and smooth, but what hits you is the slightly banging effervescence on the skin. In fact, the product seems to "crackle"; you feel a sort of tingling, light bubbling! From a functional point of view this is functional to the absorption of actives principles; from the perceptional point of view... it makes extremely curious and pleasant the massage action itself! Super Anti-CELLULITE Air Bubble Massage" Slimming mousse is the most revolutionary cosmetic technology applied to cellulite for results like never before.

HOW TO OPTIMIZE THE USE OF THE PRODUCT - Shake the bottle, turn it upside down and dispense a small amount of fisioline on the area concerned. Smooth the product in using soft circular movements from the peripheral areas to the centre for complete absorption. Repeat this procedure twice a day as an initial treatment. Day by day, the skin appears progressively more tonic and compact (refer to clinical tests). Since the product is absorbed quickly, it is not recommended to apply the product more than once on the same area. Do not use before going to bed. Made in Korea.

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