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Some areas of the body are harder to firm, tone and shape than others - especially as we grow older. No matter how hard you try to lose a few inches from around your waist or thighs, nothing seems to work. Those stubborn "problem areas" just refuse to disappear. Sometimes more direct action is required to make it works. Are You Looking For Body shape And Firming solution That Really Works? You owe it to yourself to experience the Vela Shape Program is a new conceptual Cellulit Treatment . Ideal for women and men who desire a beautiful, shape and firm body. Vela Shape gel is applied directly on the skin to the area of body being targeted for inch reduction. Vela Shape gel cream are great ways to help trim the stomach, buttocks and thighs and conditions and tones the skin. If you follow the directions as specified you will begin noticing improvements and positive results over time. Some people see amazing results after first use but for others it takes more (this depends on your eating habits and level of daily activity). Following a low-calorie diet is not necessary to notice results, however eating a healthy diet is highly recommended to improve overall health.

  • REAFFIRMING GEL Cellulite Treatment designed to body firming, tightening and improves skin elasticity
  • PATENTED INGREDIENTS delivers lifting and reliving uneven skin tissue with strong antioxidant effect
  • IMPROVES SKIN tone and resistance by intensively generating moisture inside dermis.
  • IDEAL BODY LINE care full of refreshing sensation without irritation.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEES If you don't see significant change in eight weeks, contact us for full refund.

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