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GET MAXIMUM FAT-BURNING, AB TONING RESULTS: Designed especially to target your abdominal area and midsection, this belt will burn stomach fat much faster, leaving you with faster, more improved results.

CONTOUR, TONE AND SHRINK YOUR WAIST: This belt can be worn to the gym, while running, or simply throughout the day while performing your daily tasks and activities. It will do its job, while you do yours!

INCREASES BLOOD-FLOW AND REDUCES CELLULITE: The Dream Trimmer Belt promotes blood flow due to an increase in pressure around the midsection. Increased and stimulated blood flow produces an increase in expelling excess water and toxins from the body, thus resulting in better weight-loss results. The Dream Trimmer also targets cellulite and works its way to decrease visibility.

IMPROVE YOUR STANCE & POSTURE: Your stance and your lower back muscles will strengthen, and your back will be heated, causing it to soothe back muscles. The all-around firmness will allow you to stand upright more comfortably, with added support.

DREAM TRIMMER SLIP-ON TIGHT-GRIP FIT: The Dream Trimmer differs from all other sweat belt products, due to the unique slip-on technology. The belt is designed to be pulled on, rather than strapped on via Velcro. The reason for this design is that it promotes equilibrium of pressure, and evenly distributes firmness all around your midsection, whereas Velcro belts tend to loosen, or slip off during workouts.

  • Dream Trimmer Fat Belly Burner Belt is designed to cover your stomach area entirely and it targets your abdominal muscles to burn fat. Firmly goes around your waistline and it strengthens and supports your ab and back muscles and boosts your workout by sweating more. Dream Trimmer promotes Weight loss, Tones and Tightens Mid Section, works amazing  with any exercise activities: cycling, walking, running, weight lifting, biking, yoga at work or working around the house.
  • Specialized Nanotechnology "SILVERHILON 8000" anti-bacterial material is designed to block out 99.9% of sweat smell from bodily waste while working out and silver coating will prevent moldy build-up from forming on the belt.
  • Dream Trimmer Sweat Exercise Belt designed for Men and Women, promotes weight loss by preserving body heat, stimulating sweat and fat loss during exercise - maximizes calorie burn and removes toxins!
  • Ultra-Light Weight Versatile Fabric designed to fit your body shape and it allows you to be flexible and mobile when you sweat, it will provide extra tightening around the abdominal area for improved posture, and allows you to wear the trimmer comfortably under regular or work out apparel, at any time.
  • High - quality product made to last! !!! TIGHT FIT !!!

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