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Phytoncide Volatilizer is a unique device for your home helping to improve your health and enjoy every single moment of life! Volatilizer by Dr. Schven reduces 80% of environmental contaminants causing sick house syndrome. This device exterminates dust mites and suppresses the causes of atopy, dermatitis, respiratory or allergic diseases. It helps to relieve stress and is a natural anxiety remedy. Phytoncide Volatilize helps people suffering from depression and reinforces human body's immune system. It eliminates germs, mold and virus without any side effects. Besides, this outstanding device purifies air and removes odors. Phytoncide Volatilizer by Dr. Schven is your perfect Air Care System. Made in Korea.


  • Stylish, multifunctional, useful, healthy.
  • An amazing phytoncide air purifier for your excellent health
  • Easily replaceable volatilizing agent
  • No cable, easily transportable

Type: Phytoncide volatilizer, Phytoncide- P (refill). Exterior Dimensions: 114(W) -120 (L) - 110 (H) mm , Weight: 400 grams. Power Rated Voltage: DC3V (4 AA Batteries). Electricity Consumption Minimal and Typical - 3m W, Maximal - 15m.

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