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Pherolink M Ultimate is the strongest pheromone spray available. One of the advantages of this product is that it's not scented. Wear your favorite perfume on top, so nobody will know you are wearing pheromones. It uses the science behind the fact that males naturally attract females (and vise versa) using pheromone scents that are released from the sweat glands. In fact, pheromones are produced not just by humans, but by animals, plants and even bacteria. The term "Pheromones" is known since 1959 when scientists identified bombycol, a powerful aphrodisiac produced by female moths. Males were so sensitive to it, they sensed it for miles away and just several molecules were enough to get a male to fly to a female. Needless to say it's been nature's way since the dawn of time for men to attract women this way, but human mind does not rely just on its natural instincts anymore. Many other factors have developed during the evolution, such as social status, visual appearance, overall attractiveness and so on. Concentrated Pheromones will help you overcome many of these factors. When used properly, pheromones will increase your attractiveness, make great first impression on people and generally facilitate positive feelings. We would like to emphasize proper you as on the bottom line pheromones are mood-changers and using too much of the same pheromone could cause an opposite reaction. All you need to do is spray 1-2 sprays on your clothes (not on your skin), and it's going to last for as long as 5 to 6 hours. When recommended amount is sprayed, pheromones are not going to have any noticeable scent, so you can wear your favorite cologne on top of it, and that's another benefit of our pheromones for men products. Pherolink M product uses highly concentrated pheromones to attract women and contains 9.6mg of Androstenone , 8mg of Androstenol, 5mg of Androsterone, 5mg of Estratetraenol, 4.4mg of Androstadienone in a 20ml bottle. Pheromones for men to attract women.

  • PHEROMONES FOR MEN- Men produce pheromones to attract women and vice versa. Yes, people do produce pheromones, but the amounts are not sufficient enough to have a dramatic affect anymore - many other factors of attraction developed during the evolution such as social status, visual appearance, etc. In addition, our modern daily routines such as daily showering are not exactly helping to maintain those small amounts we naturally emit.
  • UNSCENTED PHEROMONES - Pherolink offers you the most powerful Pheromone Formula - 20ml of pure pheromones in a bottle of Pherolink M Ultimate. "Unscented" means there are no artificial scents added to the formula, just pheromones. You can wear your favorite perfume on top of our Pherolink M Ultimate, as opposed to scented pheromones where, as definition suggests, a scent has already been added.
  • LONG LASTING PHEROMONE FORMULA - Applying just 1-2 sprays on your clothing will last for 5-6 hours. If you want longer effect, simply repeat after 5-6 hours, do not apply more sprays at once - applying more pheromones than recommended will not make the effect longer. In fact, pheromones are known "mood changers" and applying too much may cause a negative effect and turn people away from you.
  • WHERE TO WEAR PHEROMONES - You can wear pheromones while dinning, shopping, working out - pretty much anywhere you think you would be in touch with people you want to meet or just socialize with. Remember, your chances of success are always higher in places that are not crowded with people or filled with smoke such as night clubs, bars, etc. Such places usually have crushing amounts of nasal stimulations and that will naturally create competition with pheromones you are wearing.
  • WILL PHEROMONES WORK FOR ME ? - Pheromones do work and it is a scientific fact! Pheromones will help you to attract women if used properly. It's important to understand that pheromones don't do magic and won't get you new encounters unconditionally. Do not ignore things like politeness, overall cleanliness and great attitude, and you will definitely get the most out of pheromones!



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