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Snore Relief Anti Snore Oral Spray , Snoring Reducing AID. ProfesSnore
Snoring is the noise made by the vibrations of soft tissues in the throat when breathing during sleep. The main cause of snoring is narrowing of the upper respiratory airways due to partial collapse of the structures in this region. These are the tissues at the back of the throat, which are prone to become looser with age, carry excess weight or drink alcohol. During sleep these tissues relax, vibrations created by air movement during breathing which cause the noise of snoring. Professnore contains a unique blend of oils. Works by actively lubricating the tissues in the throat throughout the night. It avoids or reduces the vibrations that causes snoring.
  • ProfesSnore is a throat-spray supplement intended to coat the uvula and upper respiratory airways with a thin oily lubricant that prevents or reduces the vibration that causes snoring. To provide snoring relief.
  • Drug-free natural oil blend, snoring stop, suitable for long-term use
  • Recent clinical studies and observations found that lubrication of the throat that is back of the throat where snores are formed, will stop most of the snores.
  • Clinically tested and found safe and effective, to reduces the vibrations that causes snoring

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