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Wonder Pedi Electric Callus Remover stands out from the rest of similar products by offering features that make this device truly exceptional. No other electric foot file is going to offer you similar combination of effectiveness and affordability, performance and ease of use. Wonder Pedi is a cordless foot file, so you can conveniently use it pretty much anywhere around the house or even outside. It's also lightweight, so you can take it with you on a trip or vacation to make sure your feet are looking great at all times. Though it has a lightweight body, its powerful motor will give you heavyweight performance when it comes to removing tough calluses. It's twice more powerful than most competing devices and you will see amazing results in seconds after you start exfoliating. Wonder Pedi can be used on both dry and wet skin. It's extremely easy to operate - just move it back and forth around the target area and the polishing plate is going to do the work for you. Patented Polishing Plate makes this device different from other foot files - it delivers great exfoliation results and it rarely needs to be replaced, so it's going to save you a lot of money. Normally you have to clean up a dead skin mess left after using an electrical foot file or callus remover. Wonder Pedi takes care of this problem with specially designed Less-Mess silicone cap. While other foot files allow the dead skin to fly all over the place, silicone cap will prevent this from happening by collecting it inside a debris container behind the polishing plate. We guarantee you are going to be happy with this new addition to your pedicure tools. If you can find a better callus remover within 90 days from your purchase, simply let us know and return it back for full refund, so you can buy it with confidence!

  • PROFESSIONAL CALLUS REMOVER - Wonder Pedi Electric Foot File offers you a set of amazing features you won't find in other foot files. Wonder Pedi is designed to remove toughest calluses, yet it's lightweight, easy and safe to use, extremely gentle on your skin. In just seconds of using Wonder Pedi callus remover, you are going to see a difference this foot file will make.
  • LONG LASTING POLISHING PLATE GUARANTEE - No more regular coarse rollers replacements! Our patented polishing plate will last you over a year, GUARANTEED - if the plate wears off in under a year we will replace it for FREE (contact us for details)! This is the same period of time you would have to buy between 3-5 roller replacements if you used another electric foot file (probably costing you as much as the device itself). Start SAVING when you buy Wonder Pedi Professional Callus Remover.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR - Is another feature that makes Wonder Pedi a Professional Callus Remover. This motor is twice as powerful comparing to the most similar devices. This feature is critical to the overall performance as other motors simply cannot handle tough calluses and will not leave your feet smooth.
  • LESS-MESS DESIGN - Forget about dead skin flying all over the place while exfoliating! Wonder Pedi introduces specially designed silicone cap that collects removed particles into a debris container located behind the polishing plate. Just remove and empty the container after you are done exfoliating. In fact, this feature not only saves you the hassle of cleaning up, but also allows you to see actual exfoliation results.
  • SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY - Wonder Pedi Callus Remover has it all to be called most efficient Callus Remover on the market - long lasting polishing plate will eliminate the need to buy extra rollers, its powerful motor guarantees results, and Less-Mess Silicone Cap makes it a pleasure to use. We are so confident in this product, we would like to offer you a 90-day satisfaction guarantee - if you are not satisfied with Wonder Pedi Callus Remover for any reason, just ship it back to us.

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