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Hip Gel Buttocks Up Lipo Applicator Cream it works for Firming, Contouring Tightening Shaping (150ml/5.07oz)



  • This product is formulated with the best active ingredients and botanical extracts for your skin.
  • When applied directly to the targeted area, it works to helps to enhance the look of the hips and butt area.
  • Highly hydrates and smooths your skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite. This smooth, lightweight formula is fast absorbing and nourishing for the skin.
  • Reshapes and forms the body by toning and tightening the skin reduces discolored or peeling skin.
  • Retains moisture and fatty acids to promote a healthier and plumper buttocks.

    More Information

    This formula targets your buttocks and hip area. It plumps the skin and keeps it soft and smooth, naturally.

    Improves the skin around the buttocks in a considerably short time while reducing unsightly stretch and wrinkles by eliminating cellulite and tightening skin.