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Cellulite Control Cream Active Body Contour Firming Tightening Toning. (150ml/5.07oz)

Brand: Anacis


  • Innovative cellulite cream formulated to boost circulation and help prevent fluid retention.
  • Diminishes appearance of cellulite and helps prevent new fat cells from forming in problem areas.
  • Contours the body by reducing the appearance of fatty deposits.
  • Helps stimulate the body's own natural lymph drainage functions using active ingredients and essential oils.
  • Treat your sin with a luxury anti cellulite cream designed to tone and reinforce the skin’s firmness.

More Information

This advanced, multi-action body contour cellulite control cream from Anacis works to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The formula is perfect for lifting, firming, and smoothing hips and thighs for a more streamlined silhouette.

The formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and nourished, without any extra residue.

Anacis active cream helps the system to rid the body of fat accumulated substances before they can build up and deposite into fat cells.

Active Cream can be used on: arms (upper and lower) thighs, calves, belly, bottom, anywhere you struggle from unwanted cellulite or fat.

Helps to solve the problem of water retention in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. It has a pronounced drainage effect, restoring damaged skin cells and stimulating the immune system of the skin.