Expertly-Curated Cosmetics

MedActive USA Corp. specializes in sourcing the best in cosmetics from all over the world for customers around the globe by researching trends and discovering new ways to innovate the beauty industry for consumers.

Our Promise

Our goal is simple: We want to empower people to manage their health. We accomplish this by providing access to a variety of unique products that promote a healthy lifestyle. We aggregate information from industry leaders and rising trends from around the globe to bring only the most expertly-advisted products to the forefront. As advancements in technology, science, and the healthcare industry continue to grow, our work continues as well–to innovate and rediscover new ways to bring you access to top-shelf products.

Behind The Scenes

Juggling the inventories of cosmetic bestsellers from around the world, our staff spends extensive hours handcrafting their unique list of the world’s best selling products. We work directly with manufactures so we can proudly bring you the highest-quality products at a lower cost, so you get the best of the best, without the middleman markup.