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Face Line Double Chin Intense Lifting Double Layer Mask Anti Aging Firming - Medactiveshop
Reduce sagging with this powerful neck and chin treatment - Medactiveshop
Double chin reducer non surgical jaw line slimming - Medactiveshop

Double Chin Reducer Intense Lifting Double Layer Mask. LipoFix. (5 Masks)



  • Reduce sagging with this powerful neck & chin treatment that works to shape and lift your face line.
  • Powerful ingredients guaranteed to improve firmness & tighten sagging skin around the neck & jawline.
  • Tightened skin gradually and improves the appearance of neck lines and cleavage creases.
  • Provides a smooth, healthy-looking glow and tighter skin around the chin.

lipofix double chin firming mask medactiveshop

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Lipofix intense lifting mask gradually restores the elasticity of skin, providing a more youthful appearance around the chin and jawline areas. This hydrogel mask, infused with collagen and adenosine, works to tighten and plump the skin–improving overall firmness.

With tight loops that go around your ears, you can comfortably go about your business without worrying about secureness and detachment.