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Double Chin Reducer Neck Firming Face Shaping. Vela Contour. Anacis. (Contouring Belt + 5 Masks)

Brand: Anacis


  • The velcro, adjustable silicone chin strap belt helps manage sagging checks, double chin & jowls.
  • The mask have boast three-dimensional management that reduces the visibility of the fine lines in the chin & neck area.
  • The formula is a patented, specialized face lifting management system that slims for a stylish V Line.v line firming belt and masks vela contour


More Information

Finding outter beauty has never been easier thanks to the wonders of Anacis Vela Contour's anti-aging skincare. This dynamic cream acts as a double chin remover but doesn't stop there. If you have a youthful face, don't let sagging skin around the jawline inform the rest of your facial structure. Regain a clean contour along the jawline and an improve face shape thanks to the increased firmness you'll experience with every application. You can reshape the contour of your face for a noticeable 3D effect.

Vela Contour V-Line Belt for Semi-permanent 4D dimensional management of sagging skin on the cheeks and jawline. Made from Advanced medical-grade silicone used in baby products. Includes a velcro strap that adjusts according to face type and length.

Vela Contour 4D refill masks with body fit patented formulation for concentrated lifting care on flabby skin.