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Pore Minimizer Intensive Prone Sebum Control Acne Dehydrated Skin Deep Hydration Face Care Serum Lithemis | Anacis - Medactiveshop

Pore Minimizer, Intensive Prone, Sebum Control, Dip Hydration Face Serum. Lithemis. 20ml/0.67fl.oz

Brand: Anacis


  • Deep hydration intensive pore minimizer & sebum control, for acne–prone skin, made with 74% pure natural extracts.
  • Provides the right ratio of hydration and sebum control to leave skin silky smooth, plump & glowing. The natural extracts help calm acne breakouts & blemishes while gently unclogging pores and restoring the skin’s balance.
  • Delivers a revolutionary infusion of hydration, which improves moisture retention and strengthens the skin's barrier.
  • Lithemis acts as a targeted cosmetic treatment for skin problems, helping to prevent future damage.
  • Botanical antioxidants extracts target damage caused by pollutants and environmental aggressors.

More Information

Lithemis is a revolutionary formulated product that delivers the most powerful ingredients that absorb into skin to nourish and treat problem areas. Lithemis is particularly suited for this task because it contains a higher concentration of these active ingredients.

The smaller molecular weight can penetrate the skin much deeper than a heavier cream. This makes the Lithemis a great tool for targeting specific skin concerns like dehydration, acne, blemishes, dullness or pollution.

Lithemis improves the appearance of acne scars thanks to it's super-potent actives that fade the darkness these areas, revealing a better complexion and lighter skin tone.