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High Absorption Magnesium and Vitamins Complex Magnox Sport Plus 60 caplets

Brand: Magnox


  • Magnox sport plus is a supplement developed especially for people who intend to improve their endurance and performance. Suitable for all types of exercise as well as both amateur and competitive athletes.
  • Contains Vitamins B6, D, E and Zinc 
  • Patented composition making it unique in absorption and effectiveness when compared with other supplements on the market.
  • Pure grade formula with no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colors.
  • Gluten and dairy free.

More Information

Many athletes are magnesium-deficient; therefore, supplemental magnesium is an important part of athlete's nutritional program. However, the type of magnesium consumed is important, as some forms can cause gastric discomfort or diarrhea. Deficiency of magnesium may make you feel tired and low in energy.

Magnox Sport Plus ensures the nutritional complement of magnesium in a perfect way.

Magnox Sport Plus composed of: Magnox, a patented(32) molecule of a highly refined basic Magnesium from the Dead Sea in Israel (well known for its many health benefits), Vitamin B6, which maximizes the absorption rate of magnesium. Vitamin D, which is essential to building strong dense bones. Vitamin E, which is recognized as having an alleviating effect in blood-circulation and muscles recovery, acting in synergy with magnesium Zinc, it builds muscle strength and improves stamina.

Magnox Sport Plus is placed in a fast acting, pure grade proprietary formulation. It is one hundred percent food grade, formulated to be ""digestion neutral"". It is 100% free of additives, salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, yeast, wheat, gluten, animal products, corn, milk and soy products.

This is compounded it to have features that make it singular, unique, and untouched in speed and effectiveness. The best promise is that you will notice the immediate results from the first use, and notice improved endurance and recovery with prolonged use.